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Conservative Revolution

Britain and the world’s oldest conservative think tank

Conservative Revolution

Britain and the world’s oldest conservative think tank

Why I’m leaving the Conservative Party

Jul 11, 2019 | Archive, Policies

Why I’m leaving the Conservative Party

In 2013 I was an intern in the office of a Conservative MP, a wonderful woman who continues to inspire me. 

As I sat at my desk, I overheard her talking about David Cameron’s plan to redefine marriage. 

I couldn’t quite get my head around it. Could it really be that a Conservative Government was planning to fundamentally alter our oldest social institution – the cornerstone of our society, defined by the Judeo-Christian values to which we owe everything? 

Since then, things have only got worse. Whilst there has always been a discontent between the establishment and grassroots, there is no longer a single issue on which the Party can be considered philosophically conservative. 

As such, it is an enormous relief to finally call time on my membership of the crooked ‘Conservative’ Party.

Many wrongly believe that Boris Johnson will mark a new era, fooled by his carefully constructed ‘rebirth’ on the right of the Party. The truth is that neither he nor Jeremy Hunt can change direction. Both are liberals. Both consider Brexit a mere bump in the road – a hurdle to navigate before returning to business as usual.

For decades, Conservative members and voters have been reasonable in our requests: controls on immigration, a commitment to strong families and small business, the protection of our hard won cultural and religious freedoms and the withdrawal of our nation state from the supranational EU.

But the Party, hijacked by classical liberals, greedy corporate businesses and self-interested mega donors, has done nothing to reduce immigration, instead taking every opportunity to water down Brexit. They’ve worked repeatedly to undermine marriage, many actively celebrating the exploitation of vulnerable children at the hands of ideologues within the transgender lobby. Multinational corporations have been allowed to create destructive monopolies, with those young people who choose not to go to university abandoned. All the while, as London prospers, entire regions have been forgotten.

The intellectual void created by a centre-right Party without imagination has been filled by the toxic identity politics of the left. It was no surprise to see Sir Roger Scruton – the greatest living conservative philosopher – promptly kicked off the bottom rung of Governmental influence on the basis of lies concocted by the liberal media. Lacking conviction and self-confidence, Conservative MPs have capitulated to the narrative of cultural Marxism – feeding the crocodile in the hope it will eat them last. 

Yesterday I watched from the Palace of Westminster as the vast majority of Conservative MPs voted to ignore the Good Friday Agreement, trample on devolution, humiliate the DUP and force abortion on the people of Northern Ireland against their wishes. 

I’d come full circle. 

Clinging to the technical delivery of Brexit is no longer sufficient justification to remain in a Party that represents the broken status-quo, championed for so long by our failed cultural and political elites. 

Of course, there is no reason we can’t work with those Tories truly committed to the cause. 

But it has become strikingly clear that the Conservative Party is no longer a Party for conservatives. 

David Sergeant is a Conservative researcher in the House of Commons and fellow at the Bow Group think tank. He writes an opinion column in the Spectator Australia